Franklin County Iowa Lifestyle

Find Your Work-Life Balance

Franklin County has a fulfilling lifestyle and living here is easy. We offer great jobs that pay well and an affordable, relaxed lifestyle that provides the balance so many people are looking for. Whether you prefer to chill out in a hammock in your back yard or take part in exciting events and activities, shops and museums, or hopping in a car and heading to any number of midwest cities (Chicago anyone?) you can live a gratifying life of excitement and relaxation.

It's just easier here, which makes a great life in Franklin County Iowa!

  • A traffic jam is three pickups and a chevy.
  • Great jobs available.
  • Affordable cost of living lower than the national average.
  • Lots of free wifi spots.
  • Plenty of fun things to do.
  • Low crime rate.
  • Average commute is under 15 minutes. How great is that?

Our Story

In the 1670's we were a wilderness area occupied only by an abundance of wildlife and the Sac and Foxes, warring American Indian tribes (originally New Yorkers). They had a chief named Pash-a-popo, we kid you not. By the late 1800's Iowa had moved on from warring to Statehood and it's been a great story with more to be written. People from Iowa represent all walks of life including entertainment, computers, biosciences, agriculture, and entrepreneurship. Can you say Jason Momoa? Yes! Ashton Kutcher, John Wayne, Gene Wilder, Elijah Wood, Brandon Routh, Tennessee Williams, Buffalo Bill, Norman Borlaug, Johnny Carson, and many more. More of the fascinating history of Franklin County found here.

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