Great Healthcare in Franklin County Iowa


You sacrifice nothing in the way of great healthcare and public safety services when you locate in Franklin County. Our providers give you state-of-the art heathcare. We provide a wide variety of medical services and our communities are staffed with trained and caring personnel who are there when you need them.

Hospital Care - Located in Hampton, Iowa the Franklin General Hospital provides caring, compassionate medical care covering the full continum of primary healthcare. Franklin General has 25 acute care beds, a primary care clinic called the Franklin Medical Center and a 52-bed nursing facility providing high quality care in a rural setting. Franklin General Hospital is affiliated with the award winning Mercy Health Network of North Iowa.

Another service provider option is Iowa Specialty Hospital and Clinic with a clinic in Hampton and nearby communities.

The world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota is within easy reach.

General Family Practice - Family practice medical clinics are located in Ackley, Dows, Dumont, Latimer, Hampton and Sheffield.

Healthcare Services - Of course you will find a full compliment of other health care services including dentists, optometrists, chiropractors and licensed massage therapists.

Emergency Services - First responders and ambulance services found in all communities complimented by air ambulancewhich is also available.

Homeland Security - The Frankllin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security office provides for the protection of life and property by assisting citizens to prepare for, respond to and recover from a natural or man made disaster.

Law Enforcement - County Sheriff's Department plus local police departments have the county covered well.

Fire Protection - Communities are serviced by dedicated volunteer fire fighters with inter-agency agreements to ensure abundant coverage