Franklin County Iowa Education

Quality Education in Franklin County

Our schools and colleges are dedicated to providing the best educatino around. Whether a student is just starting out or a workforce needs to upgrade their skills, you can find what you need in and around Franklin County, Iowa. Tight student-to-teacher ratios ensure students gets the attention they deserve. Add in a wide variety of extracurricular activities and you have a well-rounded student ready to meet the world.

Franklin County schools are outstanding! Please visit each of their websites to learn more and get a feel of just how committed they are to providing your child with the fundamentals and skills they will need for their future.


Hampton-Dumont Community School District- The Hampton-Dumont Community School District is the largest district in the county and offers education from pre-K-12th grade. It is a progressive school district committed to providing great educational opportunities to their students. They also keep parents in the loop with messenger apps.

West Fork Schools - Another progressive school district, the West Fork School District blends students from Sheffield, Chapin, Meservey, Thornton, Rockwell and Swaledale. They take STEP education to heart and have maker-spaces for your child.

CAL Community School District - The CAL School District consists of K-6th grade students from Coulter, Alexander and Latimer and is a nationally recognized "school of excellence". CAL middle school and high school recently merged with the Hampton-Dumont Community School District.

AGWSR School District - Students from Geneva, Ackley, Wellsburg and Steamboart Rock attend this district. AGWSR was selected by US News and World Reports as one of the US top high schools (bronze award winner).


St. Paul Lutheran School - Located in Latimer, Iowa, St. Paul's provides a nurturing parochial school experience for K-8th graders.

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