Advantage Franklin

Can Be Yours


Franklin County Iowa offers real world bottom line benefits not only in reduced cost of assets and workforce, but in our location and proximity to major markets.

The State of Iowa brings notable advantages which cause Iowa to consistently rank as a state with one of the lowest costs of doing business in the nation. (CNBC)

Excellent nation-wide market access because of our midwest interstate location.

Right-to-Work State.

Adaptable, tech-savvy workforce.

Outstanding workforce training programs customized to your needs plus a unique apprenticeship program.

OUR NAME - Yes, you guessed it, we are named after Benjamin Franklin and no, he never slept here.

LOCATION - North Central Iowa - 42 44’30.61” N 93 12.08’.94”W Latitude: 42 45N Longitude: 093 11W

GOVERNMENT - Three member Board of Supervisors. Incorporated communities have their own mayors and city councils.

POPULATION - 2010 Census 10,680.

ANCESTRY -The first Franklin County settlers arrived in 1852. Job Garner built the first cabin, and the first house in Hampton was built in 1865 on what is now known as the Hotel Coonley block. The first courthouse for the county was erected in 1857.

HISTORY - North Central Iowa - 42 44’30.61” N 93 12.08’.94”W Latitude: 42 45N Longitude: 093 11W

FAMOUS PEOPLE - Author/Artist Bob Artley, Jack Bailey - "Queen for a Day" Television host, William D. Leahy, 5-star fleet admiral for the Navy, Dr.Milton Wirtz - Inventor of the acrylic artificial eye, Attorney James E. Coonley, Sr - successfully prosecuted the first drunk-driving charge in the US using blood alcohol evidence

WEATHER - We enjoy temp averages in the upper 70's to 80's in the summer and temps below 32 during the winter months. Our falls are classic sweater-weather with great foliage and our springs bring the showers the flowers need.

While not losing sight of our roots, we stride into the future with confidence and optimism. There is a definate place in this world for communities like ours and we would love to have you join us.